HRScraper - Linkedin profile scrapper platform

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Free start, no credit card details required
  • - Add hundreds of relevant profiles to your linkedin network in one click
  • - Send mass invitation in one click
  • - Create your own database and sort profiles
  • - Add comments to profiles in your database. Quick search
  • - Send personalized mass message with user name ( Hi [user name] ! )
How does it work

- Application manages linkedin under your account. It does the same stuff you usually do on linkedin, just faster and automated. Everything is under your control.

- You can build your own user data based on linkedin search results, filter profiles and send personalized invitation or message to selected users.


Free start for the first 15 days!

- $30/m for the server time.
For the first 15 days you will have 1h of server time per day for free, which is quite enough to get hundreds of profiles per day.

The HRScraper platform can be used for free till version 1.0 release.

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This tutorial will be always available on the left slide menu menu

Start from Set up

1. Setup agents - it takes 5 minute

HRScraper require account on PhantomBuster to use its agents for LinkEdin manipulation.

This creates agents to surf LinkEdin for you.

You can leave agents settings on default state, no more changes required.

2. Setup HRScraper - it takes 2min
  • - Copy Phantombuster account key from Settings - Your API key and past it here to “phantombuster key” section (Use burger icon on left side). See how to do it.
  • - Login to LinkEdin under your account
  • - Copy LinkEdin cookies and past it to “Linkedin cookies” section. See how to access your cookies.
  • - Reload the page and you will see your email and server time left for today

Need help? Please contact me directly on LinkEdin or by phone +48 530 189 107

The workflow

1. Get Links

- To start, make desired search on LinkEdin page. When search done - copy url from browser address bar.
- Go back to this app, Press "GET LINKS" and paste url from LinkEdin search. Press "Run".
You will receive list of the profile links required for the next step.

2. Get Profiles

Having profiles links on you page, get profiles data. You will have all profiles info on one page to filter, remove and make a comments.
You can download or upload(add) more previously saved profiles from your local HD.

3. Send Invitation

Having profile links OR profile data on te page, you can send invitation message.
User name will be taken automaticaly from user profile.
Than you can wait when user accept invitation, you will see it on your linkedin page.

4. Send Message

Yo can send mass message longer than 300 characters to users from your 1ist circle.
Users Name will be taken from user profile automatically.

Some details

The Phantobuster is a separate service where you have some amount of server time to use by HRScrapper Platform. PhantomBuster gives you 15 days of use Premium plan, which is 1hour server time per day. It is enough to get hundrets of relevant linkedin profiles. You can always get more server time on Plans page.

Important! The "Server Time" ("Time left for today" on top) it is time when server do any manipulation on linkEdin. It is not time you spend reading this tutorial, so don't hurry up.

Linkedin is the most sequre network if it comes of user privacy, so It also has some limitation of profile amount to be open per day. Current limit is arround 200 profiles per day and overuse this limit can log out you from linkedin, so you'll need to copy/paste linkedin cookies again.

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